Thursday, November 8, 2012


I'm an office supplies/cashier associate who transferred from another store, but now I work exclusively at the register at this new store which I hate because they normally make me work 9 hour shifts vs. my old store where my average shift was 5 to 6 hours. I'm a real friendly guy and easy to get along with but no matter how polite i am to customers there are always a few who seem to just have it out for the world and like to send a little of their rage my way. So the other day this lady probably in her late 50's was complaining to me at the register about how one can ever find her rewards card info by her phone number. So I tried looking it up by her name, email address, several phone numbers and finally she asks me (in this aggravated tone) if i worked at Pencils as my career or was i just doing it while I'm in college. I answered the latter to which she replied "it shows". I had done nothing but try to help this lady out in a polite & friendly manner as do with all customers, so I was a little confused by her rude remark but chose to ignore it and just kept killing her with kindness. Since I was not able to find her rewards number in the system I explained that I would give her the rewards hotline number to see if she could get it sorted out that way and she was all like " I guess you didn't notice that I have a cochlear implant and I can't use the phone!". Well of course I noticed she had a cochlear implant, it was the biggest one I'd ever seen... she looked like fucking Lobot from cloud city. How the hell on planet fucking earth was I supposed to know that you can't use a phone if you have a cochlear implant? ! At $7.79 an hour does she expect me to be some kind of cochlear implant expert? If she asked me to look up her rewards card by her phone number than isn't safe for me to assume that she can use her god damn phone? Just can't get any respect at Pencils.