Friday, April 12, 2013


Check out this link to Yahoo Business News sent to us by a loyal "I Work At Pencils" follower:

Monday, February 4, 2013


It's the start of my 2nd week as an associate in OS and my lard ass GM tells me I'm now in charge of cleaning the bathrooms. This was no joke, and I flat out told him, "I don't clean fuckin' bathrooms at Pencils." He then told me he was going to write me up. I told him to clean up his own shit, and quit. I only make this point because the customers at Pencils can't seem to use the toilet in a normal, civilized way. Why? Can anyone enlighten me on how people can shit everywhere but in the actual bowl? Is it Pencils, or other retailers too?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Pole at Pencils

I'm a single mom supporting myself and two children no thanks to my deadbeat ex-husband. Three months ago I started working as a cashier at Pencils. My pay was minimum wage, 20 hours per week which included constant pressure to sell extended warranties to customers who could barely afford the damn printer or computer they were buying in the first place. I put up with it because I needed the job. So now my take home pay after taxes is approximately $125. When my girlfriend Stacey suggested I think about dancing at our local gentlemen's club, telling me I could easily make $200-$300 a night, I gave it serious thought. It didn't take me long to arrange an interview at the club and I committed to dancing 4 nights a week. Well, here is the kicker... my first night, who walks in? You guessed it, my store GM, Daryll. I could tell he just about shit his pants, but I decided to play it cool. Here's the best part: When I arrived for my shift at Pencils the next morning Daryll called me into the office and told me I was "let go." I knew this was bullshit and thought about hiring a lawyer, but I signed the papers he put in front of me and there is now probably no recourse. I was thinking if I see Daryll at the club again I'll tell the bouncers he tried something inappropriate and let him get his ass kicked for ole times sake.