Sunday, February 12, 2012


I too work at Pencils and have been with the company about a year now. I have seen many of the stories told and more. I have had a customer break up with a girl over the phone while I was ringing him up and have also had customers try to use gift cards from other stores to make a purchase. The pay sucks but it is a job. And, I recently got a promotion to inventory associate.

I got a raise but now, that is not enough. Basically, everything that the managers are supposed to do is now on me. From receiving purchase orders, process paperwork and keying stuff out, I do it all. I also work tech, copy center and am sometimes the only cashier for the day on top of being expected to get all of my required duties done for the day. My most recent experience sucked.

We received our truck one morning and it was just the manager and myself in the store. The manager walks me back, unlocks the door and leaves. First, I had never been walked through receiving a truck before. Second, I knew it was against company policy to leave me in the back, doors open and no one else around. The truck driver and I fumble through receiving the truck and he leaves. I then quickly realize that I have no key to close the door. I close it as much as possible and go halfway to the front to call the manager to come back and lock the door. He does. Later in the day, the same thing happens again with a manager in training. My ops manager shows up and goes off or me and the CSL for being back there without a manager as if we had control over the situation. I went off, rant and raving and finally just falling apart from exhaustion. 

Luckily, I still have my job but I shouldn't expect any less. It is Pencils and no one gets fired, everyone quits!!!


  1. I feel your pain. I did IA for a month and REFUSE to ever do it again.

  2. It won't be long before they inform you that the company believes the IA position to be a 20 hour/week job. The other hypothetical 20 hours is for the sales floor and stocking.

  3. Yep basically. The managers tried to pull that shit on me when I was doing the IA. Everybody was bitching at me because nothing was getting done/filled. No shit because I have to do pull lists, zero balance walks, returns, damages on top of helping customers and getting truck done. Not to mention I had ZERO help doing all that. So Pencils and the IA position can suck it.

  4. for the door thing, don't be afraid to call your manager out on leaving you back there. He can't do anything for your telling him he is not following policy... especially when it will get you in trouble.