Friday, March 9, 2012


I've been working at Pencils for five years and I'm really feeling unappreciated for the work I've done. I've been in the CPC for the whole time and about a year ago our expert quit. I knew that I could do the position so I applied for it. I was overlooked and they hired some guy who only worked there for two weeks. I only worked with the guy for 5 minutes maybe. After he left I pretty much (still) ran the department and had a great co-worker who left late last summer. He was the only other person who I could trust that when I wasn't there, he could do things properly. I enjoyed working with him. We got a different GM last fall and the one we have now is pretty arrogant, lazy, and comes off as a know-it-all. A real smart aleck. Things were okay until a week before Thanksgiving he was being real sarcastic and I told him "I'm not stupid!" real loud and had a lot of stress/anxiety as a result for more than a month. I finally told him I don't want the expert position and then they went and hired someone who doesn't even have a copy/print background and doesn't even like working there. She wasn't trained properly and as a result I'm still being asked question on how things work. So that's kinda being overlooked twice. My GM and DM's reason for not supporting me in purusing the position: I'm "not ready yet". BS. If I didn't know I could do it I never would've applied for it. Not even so much of a "thank you for your contribution" or anything like that. So now I'm really feeling unappreciated (on various levels) and I want to write a letter to a few people up the chain and let off some steam. I would tell them exacly how I felt, but then again, I still need to keep my job...


  1. Go out there and look for a different job, as soon you find something quit and never look back

  2. My copy center expert had it worse....In my store we had a sales expert and have a production expert for the copy center. The sales expert left after working there 2 years in various positions around the store. The production expert has been working for staples in the copy center for 15 years total, she has worked in 2 other stores prior to this one. She has been at my store for over 5 years. Well it just so happened that when the sales expert left alot of other copy center associates (recent graduates from college) also left for a total of 4 people. Did you know that the manager's took people from every other dept. to fill in and then when they were messing up the orders decided more than 4 months later to hire 4 new people. The 4 new people he threw in the copy center on the same day at the same time and she had to train all of them while helping the customers.