Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Okay, so it's me, the cashier from the last post. I just wanted to say that Pencil's so-called "Incentives" for last period was garbage. I'm talking about the $1 per prp you sell bullshit. I sold three plans last period (Thinking that it wasn't going to be so great) and guess what the paycheck was for the accumulated whoppin' 3 plans? Well, after being assfucked by taxes, I made an extra $1.88. What. The. Fuck. What a fucking joke. And the manager gave me his little pep talk about how I have a year under my belt and how he's sooo happy he has one more experienced employee who can't escape the grasps of this shithole. All I got was that pep talk. What one should get is a raise. I have had to deal with a year of those fucktards hiring the most unreliable idiots I've worked with, minus the few that are still around. Apparently I've been doing such a great job, but yet I don't deserve anything above minimum wage. I make the same as those inexperienced assholes who know nothing. Got to love the injustice of working at good ole Pencils!
The incentives apparently got so much good feedback, it's continuing on through this period. Do I care? No. Is it a huge sham? Yes.
The good news is, though, I won safety bingo. $75 dollars just for having a card on the wall that they cross the number off of for you.


  1. We started this Bingo game when I was at OfficeMax as an "incentive" to get us to sell more warranties, computer services, and other bullshit.

    Needless to say, the prizes were crap (Twinkies anyone?) and the same people would win over and over again.

    OfficeMax also gave out SPIF cards where you get a whopping $5 Visa gift card!



  2. They are also going to tax your bingo in a separate check so expect half. Back in the day before 2005 they used to give you the bingo money out of the register (tax free).

  3. if you want a raise just sell more prp... it's pathetic to believe that you can only sell 3 prp in the entire week and then turn around and blame the company for wanting to give you something extra for doing your job. i'm sure that there are people who want your job and would do it much better than you. stop your complaining and start selling some warranties and give yourself a raise

  4. ^ Speaking truths.

    Literally what Im hearing is... "its part of my job expectation to sell plans... and I didnt... So then they started giving me more money to do my same job... BUT IT WASNT ENOUGH." Do your job better... and you'll get better SPIFs. It wasnt created to help the slackers. It was created because all of us who are actually doing our jobs were frustrated that you 3 plans a MONTH people were getting the same pay as us. I made $85 from last periods SPIFs. And I didnt increase my efforts at all from before they started this program.

    1. don't hate us because we get way underpaid and therefore don't see the point in trying in an already dead-end job, hate the corporations for not compensating you for being the better salesperson; you shouldn't be expected to sell shit when you work in OFFICE SUPPLIES just help them find what they need and be friendly. If I'm getting treated like shit at work I have no incentive of staying there, so why do I want to sell shit to make myself look good, and only earn a few extra cents?

  5. So your happy that you won safety bingo which requires 0 effort aside from showing up for your crappy 3 hour Friday night closing shift. Yet, when given an opportunity to really impact your paycheck you choose to complain and demand that you get a raise. Its people like you slip through the cracks and somehow end up with a job that make raises so scarce. If you want money its out there...you just need to take it but you won't.

  6. In all fairness here, 3 PRPs in one week might be okay for a PART TIME cashier. You don't know how busy this particular store is, and you also don't know how many opportunities this cashier had to offer PRPs. Working as a cashier 3 or 4 nights a week at a busy store may only result in 3 PRPs. A lot of them will go to easy techs or the associate who sold them a chair or w/e. Cashiers are the last possible way to sell one, so without knowing what this store is like its too quick to pass judgment.