Friday, November 4, 2011

Like Father Like Son

As a joke, my biological son Danny put on my Pencils shirt and said, "Look dad, I'm a Easy Wrecknician too!" His mother and her husband think Danny is bright kid, but I'm not so sure. Granted, he has a sense of humor and is a little ADDHD, but he seems not be firing on all 4 cylinders if you ask me. "Look Danny," I told him, "Go ahead and fool around and don't take school seriously and YOU WILL end up working at Pencils for minimum wage and no benefits. For a second, something seemed to sink into his thick skull, because he replied, "I'd rather work at McDonald's flippin' burgers."


  1. I'm not sure if you read the comments section but can you give a desperate and frustrated retail employee some advice?

    So right after I find out that I'm getting a whopping .15 cent raise for "Exceeding Expectations" at OfficeMax, I get chewed out by our new idiotic manager and the manager that hired me.

    The reason being is that I bombed my Mystery Shopper "test" and because of this I was demoted from Sales Floor Associate to cashier duty and also had my hours cut significantly.

    Its not that I don't know how to sell (as of last time I checked I was in first place for warranties sold), I just had a bad Mystery Shopper score and instead of telling me how to improve I get chewed out.

    What should I do? I need this job to pay for college tuition and its tough to get a job right now.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

  2. Anonymous, I'm not the owner of this blog, but being a former Pencils associate, I feel qualified to give you advice: find another job. I'm not even kidding. I know that most retail employees are there cuz they're students, but truth be told it's just not fuckin' worth it. Mitch's kid had the right idea preferring to work at McDonald's. What's the biggest pressure a McDonald's employee has? Getting customers in and out quick? Unless you're as old as the hills or have some physical disability, any numbskull can accomplish that. I doubt any McD's manager is getting on his drive-thru teller's ass cuz the guy in the red pickup truck bought 3 McRibs with no fries or Cokes

    the only difference between a Pencils job and a McD's job is the illusion by outsiders that one is less shameful than the other. my theory is it has something to do with the visor McDonald's employees are forced to wear

  3. Thanks to the above. I actually work at OfficeMax and things were okay until we had a bunch of people who just stopped showing up to work or quit on the spot.

    Then, a new manager comes in (picture a diva with an attitude) coupled with the fact that our store is struggling given the economy. Then, our DM is riding everyone's ass to SELL, SELL, AND SELL.

    Ironically, the day before I found out that I had bombed the Mystery Shop and was demoted to cashier and had my hours cut, I was in first place for MaxAssurance sales.

    I'm just gonna cover my ass and wait till Winter break is over and than just quit. I hope OfficeMax goes bankrupt and the CEO Ravi Saligram gets thrown into the slammer by the SEC for being a douche bag!

  4. I have worked at McDonald's and currently work at Pencils and have been there for a number of years now! Granted, I don't like working at Pencils but I think it is waaaay better than working at McDonald's. I am currently waiting for the city to call me for a job. Have already been waiting 4 years. LOL. I hope a number of them call me in 2012.

  5. I work at staples and I fucking hate it. Get paid 8.65 an hour and get screamed at to sell ESP plans and shit and then bitch about sales and tech work being low when they fucking cut my hours to 15 a week. Dumbasses can't read the reports back in the summer when I had 35 hours and sales were way up. There all just a bunch of idiots and I can't wait to quit.