Friday, December 14, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR ( You Assholes at Pencils)

I've been told that it isn't just our store, but we're open New Year's Day! That's right, instead of being able to stay up late and actually have a few drinks, I'll probably be going to bed.  For what exactly? For nothing.  On New Year's Day, you can fire cannons down Main Street and not hit anything.  I suspect if people do brave the bad weather to come in the store, they'll just be there to return things, not to buy. Happy New Year, you greedy bastards!


  1. The only days Staples closes is Thanksgiving
    (maybe not much longer), Christmas and Easter. If you do not want to work Jan 1 request it off. You may get it if there are enough people that are hungry for hours.

    Yes, Staples does do some messed up things, but opening New Years day is to be expected.

  2. No, it is wrong. I understand capitalism, but there should also be some values injected into it, too. Sundays and pretty much every holiday were a extra time for rest and time with your families. Now with the advent of the internet, big box stores are taking advantage of that mindset and destroying those values. First being open Sundays. Then being open 24 hours a day. Soon we will have NO holidays off.

    Staples has the ability to be a leader here, but instead they'd rather be another Walmart. For what? How much money can they possibly make being open New Years Day? Hope it is worth it as they squeeze out even more valuable employees who are tired of all the games, and all they get stuck with is less and less competency.

  3. I agree with you, but it is never going to happen.

    Last year I worked New Years Eve. We left the building shortly after closing, only to be met by a Chinese man at the door yelling about us closing "early" (he was looking for some clearance printers to EBay)

    "You just want to celebate you New yeas!, You supposed to be open to nine!"

    He actually called the Corp office and they sent him coupons (which he made copies of and tried to use repeatedly.)

    As much as I wish the current retail trends were reversed, they are getting progressively worse. Pencils is actually one of the better ones regarding holidays.

  4. Everyone is always talking about the war on Christmas. What about the war on Thanksgiving? Judging by our store's super poor showing on black Friday, I am expecting Pencils to follow the stupid ass trend of opening Thankgiving day evening. More power to the Wally World workers who had the guts to organize and tell the retail gods to stick it. Pencils will be opening at 8pm Thankgiving day to sell you a protection plan.

  5. I worked for Pencils for almost 2 years.Thankfully I got out in October to pursue a career. I will not ever allow any employer to treat me the way that company did. Between my manager playing mind games with everyone to turn on each other and her insecurities with other women managers I literally felt like I was going insane.