Wednesday, December 12, 2012


So, here is my situation. I have been stuck at an absolutely shitty job at this pizza place where I have been for a little over a year now. My manager is a total bitch who is secretly bitter towards me because I am a full time college student. She is only two years older than me and is obviously jealous that I'm getting an education. She insults me on a daily basis and I am just done with this bullshit. My hours have also been severely cut and I only work two days all of this week. I figure what the hell, I'm only 18, why not work in retail instead? I have been filling out LOADS of applications in an attempt to be out of this shit hole by early January. Well, guess who called me this evening? You guessed it, Pencils. The guy wants me to be there for an interview at 4:00 pm tomorrow, for a cashiering position. Unfortunately, my options right now are very slim. I can't just quit the job I have now because my family is reliant on me for money and I have to buy my own textbooks for school. It is necessary that I have another job before putting in my 2 weeks notice. I do find it sad that I am desperate enough to still want this job even after reading through this site. So Pencils employees, what's a girl to do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  1. You sound like an attention whore with USI. Maybe Pencils will be a good place for you to work.

  2. To quote Clone High, your Pencils experience is all about "where and when, Gandhi". It's Christmas, which is destined for bullshit anyways, and your hours are gonna get sliced in January.

    My advice is to go for the interview and look around as you come and go. Do the employees look haggard? Check the shelves - are they neat and tidy? Is the product old? The day shifts usually end at 5:00 - note if people are racing for the door or if they're sticking around. If even the full-timers are fleeing at quitting time, you've got a red flag.

    Also, watch for warranties. I cannot stress enough how life-ruining these things are. Look for and listen for cashiers trying desperately to hawk these things - if they do it every time, you've got a store where management pressures the hell out of you to sell these things. And your hours are reliant on them, too. No warranties, no hours. So there's that to contend with.

    In short - mentally interview them as they interview you. The place can be cool, and it can suck truck balls.

  3. Wonder how this panned out..