Thursday, June 30, 2011

Live And Let Live

My wife and I were sitting in our neighborhood Applebee's last night eating an unhealthy dose of sodium and saturated fat (otherwise referred to as food on the menu) when the topic of Walmart arose. The news was reporting about the current lawsuit that the women employees brought against Walmart. Walmart won the initial ruling and my wife commented, "It will be appealed." Trying to put a personal spin on it, I replied, "At least Pencils doesn't decimate entire towns like Walmart." After a moments pause, she offered her view, "No, Pencils only decimates all the Mom & Pop stationary stores." Our local office supply store, established in 1921 and was/is the oldest business in South Florida, is now only a shell of its former self. There are also a few other stores barely hanging on, how I do not know. I'm proud to say I refuse to shop at Walmart. Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't remind you Pencils sells toilet paper.

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  1. What a piss poor company we work for buddy. I recently found out about your blog and I've been heavily considering starting my own under the same basis as yours with a few tweaks here and there. WalMart suuuuuccckkks.