Sunday, June 26, 2011

Please Squeeze The Charmin

Now I'm wondering who determined that a store that sells office supplies should also sell toilet paper. They are either marketing geniuses or another example of out-of-touch corporate imbeciles.
After Tom, the inventory associate, asked me to help him stock a shelf with 900 rolls of Charmin, I couldn't help but to ponder who comes to Pencils to buy toilet paper. Judging from the use of our bathroom facilities by the general public, this in fact may be  a form of subliminal advertising (see related postings from April 24th and April 9th). Often I get asked where Matt, the assistant manager is. The most common reply is, "In the back office." This response is sometimes perplexing to my co-workers, so I clarify it by adding, "He's in the can." I try to say this loud enough so at least a couple of customers will hear it. Looking at the bright side, if I use my 10% employee discount, a 16-pack of Charmin might be a deal. As a good Samaritan, I'd leave a roll or two in the men's room for Matt.


  1. Seriously, dude. I think you work at my old store, in Jupiter, don't you? I can understand if you don't wanna answer that, lol. The clues fit though, since the Square Grouper (aka Castaways) is right down the road. But then, only the locals still call it that.

    All the other clues point to that location, or a store nearby. And that definitely looked like the old bathroom. Trust me, there are worse locations. The customers are far worse up here in Baltimore, where I moved to.

  2. Wait... now that I think about it, *name omitted* was the one with a chik fil a outside. Ugh, that store was worse than mine. I feel for ya man. That place was always dead when I went in there, and the customers were a bit more, umm, low brow?