Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dressing for Success: Pencils Style

Leave it to another moron in Corporate to come up with a dress code that stipulates "... black socks must be worn by all employees." First off, who the hell can tell what color socks you are wearing when wearing pants? And since employees aren't allowed to sit down, the chances of anyone actually seeing your socks is slim to none. I recently read an online posting by another Pencils' employee who was sent home to change her white socks. She stated it wasn't worth the effort to return to work that day. Can't say I blame her. As for myself, I maintain that I have a medical condition that requires me to wear white socks... an acute toe nail fungus. I'd be happy to show my toe to the store manager, and if push comes to shove, get a note from my doctor, but I have the feeling he'd take my word for it.


  1. I will come to Pencils personally to see YOU in black sox! Can you wear them with red sandals?

  2. Once I overheard a manager bitching at an easytech that wore a orange tee to work, the manager wanted him to go back home and change to a black one, I told him to just take off the tee and go bare back under pencils shirt, problem solved! I was told I had a bad attitude.
    This is prolly true as I go WAY out of my way to where striped socks (mine are visible) to tweak the system.

  3. Almost nobody at our store wears black socks as part of their uniform, most wear white some wear black socks with characters on them. Yes, there were also associates who would wear sandals to work also with no socks, as usual something was said but ignored. I also had an associate from another store who told me that the manager told him to go home and shave because the district manager was coming to visit their store. He was offended but went home anyway shaved, played video games, did chores, etc. he came back to the store 2 hours later and he found out that the district manager had just left. The manager said how come it took you so long to come back to work? (this associate lives around the corner from the pencils he works at) and he replied because you sent me home to shave! (By the way the associate was Jewish and he didn't even have much of a beard to begin with, I had seen it before he shaved. I was even offended when he told me this story!!!)