Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just When We Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse...

I have a great CSL. He's just fantastic at standing around doing nothing. He is a professional at talking about the good ole days when he owned his business. He is just super awesome at flirting with all the older ladies (example: during BTS, when we had one giant line for all four registers, and his job was to make sure customers got to the right line, what he would do was stand there and chat up some heavily made up lady and did not realize that ALL four registers were open. lets just say the other customers in line were not very pleased) One other side note, his wife likes to call him every single fucking day. It can be super busy in the store, and he is hiding away in the office chatting with his wife for about 5-10 minutes! Then when he is nearby, he likes to pretend he runs the show, makes stupid suggestions of how I should attach those damn batteries to every transaction. Talk about your ESP number reports or whatever, we have these dandy rewards penetration reports. Which great man CSL, likes to flaunt how his are always over 90%, and why we are not meeting that. Which is is bullshit, because isn't 75% the goal? Funny thing is, he is never on register. So when there is only one cashier and and he's the only one to cover, he doesn't. So sucks to be that cashier (ahem, me) He is a jerk. You would not believe how rude he was to this one lady on Black Friday. She had bought a picture frame and realized that the box was kinda dented, and since it was a gift, she wanted a pretty box. Normally that kind of thing would piss me off but she was really nice about it, but dickhead CSL was like we need to run this through the register even though she was exchanging it for the same exact thing!!! (She got really angry at how rude CSL man was being that she just returned it and stormed out)  Now i don't know what the official policy on that sort of exchange is, but later on that day GM exchanged a laptop for a customer without ringing it through the register. 

Mitch, that sucks that you got fired. But to be honest, you kinda hated working there, so no loss right? 

Quick about me. I worked at Pencils since before BTS '10 and I recently (2 months) have been cross training for EasyWreck. Any advice?

Mitch: Start looking for another job! I was just offered a job putting advertising fliers on car windshields at the mall for $12 an hour-


  1. If you can't get outta Pencils, ask to get cross trained for the copy center instead. It's simple once you learn it, time goes by fast, not as many customers to deal with (although I will admit you get more needy customers), and you don't get fucked with about ESP and rewards as much since you rarely mess with the register. And the upselling expected over there isn't too terrible either. It's pretty much just "Hey, did you want us to cut this for you?" "Would you like it on premium paper?" "You have a metric fuckton of papers in this motherfucker, would you like us to bind this bitch for you?"

    Easy shit. I got offered to get crosstrained as a sleazytech and played retarded during the roleplay so they'd reconsider. When they asked if I wanted to go CPC I jumped at it.

  2. Yea CPC is pretty fucking easy... I hate a majority of my customers though! they are fucking douche bags... Pencils is cross-training me in tech too. Not super excited about it:/

  3. Hey thanks for putting up my post, Mitch.

    I got a bunch more :)