Thursday, December 8, 2011


Today I was chewed out by my manager and assistant manager (who hired me) because of my "attitude". Apparently, she didn't like the fact that on the radio in front of the customer I said, "Is their a manager who can speak to a customer?" She didn't like my tone and thought that it sent a bad message to the customer that the manager was lazy or whatever.

Seriously lady, WTF should I have said? If that wasn't enough, she also didn't like the fact that I walked into her off office and asked her to get a laptop for a customer. The only reason I did that was because I had done the same with the old manager and the assistant manager was nowhere to be found.

She told me she is allotted one day for pure office time (which she spends on the phone or surfing the web) and didn't like to be distributed. Really, what is so damn important you couldn't do something for a customer? And then you want to complain about why are sales are down?

To make things worse, she let out a huge tsunamis-size spit while she was talking to me to the point that I wanted to bust out a poncho and an umbrella in order to prevent myself from getting wet.

Anyways, you see anything wrong with what I did Mitch? I swear, getting paid $12 an hour to put ads on people's cars sounds so much more exciting (and rewarding) than working for an office supply retailer.


  1. what is this one day of office time for the managers? i have never heard of that

  2. Neither has my assistant manager (the real nice one might I add). Apparently, this new manager that I am talking about (who has never worked at an office supply retail store), believes she is allowed one day a week where she gets to work from her office and does not need to be on the floor or be disturbed by associates.

    Too bad she does this on a daily basis. For example, she left early from her shift and never came back to finish the day and surprisingly our store did much better business than we normally do when she is around.

  3. Hmm... wonder if that's why we aren't allowed to carry smartphones around with us. It'd be a shame if someone recorded some videos of your manager and gave them to your DM...

  4. She must be a General Manager. They can get away with everything and get paid twice as much as an assistant manager.

  5. I had a manger similar to that except he was not mean or anything but the two things he did well was to hide in his office all day and talk without saying anything.