Saturday, December 3, 2011

TERMINATED... Help Keep The "I Work At Pencils" Blog Alive!

Of course Matt would wait until after "Black & Blue Friday" to call me into his office to say, "Mitch, we're letting you go. You just didn't meet enough numbers. Hope there are no hard feelings."
Sure Matt, no hard feelings. "Fuck you and your extended service plans." Truth be told, I was wondering how long it would take the corporate morons to figure out where this blog was originating from.
To continue the Pencils dialogue, I am willing to offer "I Work At Pencils" to all the Pencils' employees who would like to post their stories. E-mail me your submissions to: and I will see that your voice is heard. I also would like to thank all those who expressed their support over the past 9 months. Life goes on.


  1. Thanks Mitch, for all the stories from the dark side of retail. Many peoPle just don't have the balls to come forward like you did.
    I don't miss working there, best of luck to you.

  2. Thanks Mitch, and I hope you find a job soon. Would love to have you as my manager over the moron I currently have at OfficeMax.

    Thanks for keeping your blog alive for all to post and read!

  3. Mitch! I think you deserve a personal thanks from me. You did what many of us didn't have the courage to do. Thanks for taking one for the team! I will still check the blog every day for updates and will be emailing you submissions.

  4. Did they have a paper trail or did they fire you outright? Call HR, raise hell. At least make those bitches squirm a little bit. Good luck to ya bro.

  5. ^ HR is a good way to go. I complained to my HR rep and she basically told me that she is on my side and will get to the bottom of the issues we're having between me and my manager.

    Try talking to your HR rep and make up some bullshit about all the emotional torture Mitch made you go through. From what I know, it costs companies in retail more to fire you than to just put up with you.

    However, if you don't mind moving to Texas, OfficeMax could use you as a manager!

  6. Don't you have some dirt on those managers? Call HR and unload everything you have.

  7. just found this blog. get ready for a solid four or five stories a week.