Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finding Love In All The Wrong Places: Pencils

So I wonder how many of you have had relationships start with co-workers when you work at Pencils? Well, in my store up here in the Northeast, we seem to have new relationships start and stop every few months between co-workers, and the theme is that it ALWAYS ends badly. The last go round we had was between an EasyWreck and copy center associate, who just both happened to be females… now everybody calm down. After a shitload of time, it seems that the new cashier we hired, who was a guy and the EasyWreck girl, starting getting all cute with each other. In turn that pissed off the copy center girl, and started causing a flurry of drama in the store. That terminated the girls' relationship and made me a firm believer of “Don’t shit where you eat”. Oh, and as of the other day, Easywreck girl and new cashier dude are dating. I can see this ending well, can’t you all? Life goes on at Pencils, we should have prime time on ABC for “All My Associates” since they killed all the soap operas…..


  1. The best thing to come out of my time at Pencils is that I met my incredible girlfriend. I was an EasyWreck and she was copy center, just like the post, and while neither of us work there anymore we have been dating for the last year and a half and are both very happy together. Definitely my best experience from this shitty company.

  2. I met my fiance working at Pencils. He was an EasyWreck and I'm a cashier. :)