Sunday, January 1, 2012


I worked at Pencils for three years as an Easy Resident Tech.  I left recently because I finally found a job in IT with better pay and less stress.  I’ve got to share my best “stupid customer” story:
A middle-aged woman walked up to me holding a power strip with USB ports and a Belkin Easy-transfer cable (for those who aren’t familiar, it’s a cable with a male USB type A plug on each end that is geared toward helping less tech-savvy people transfer files between computers).  She asked me if she could use the combination of the two to charge her laptop. I replied that it wouldn’t work and explained that while the USB ports do provide a bit of power that can be used to charge devices when the laptop is turned on, you can’t backfeed power through them to charge the laptop.  (I didn’t even bother mentioning that the cable in question probably wouldn’t work to run power through anyway)  I asked her if something had happened to her power adapter, and said that if she brought in the laptop or had a model number for it, I could order the one for it.  If it was something she needed right away we had a few universal adapters that were more expensive but would work. She said that she brought the laptop with her on a recent trip and ended up leaving the adapter behind.  A friend gave her another adapter, but she said the plug was a little too large on it.  Her solution was to file out the port on the laptop to accommodate the larger plug.  Obviously it didn’t work out.  The worst part:  the laptop in question was a fairly nice Toshiba that she purchased less than a month ago.  Talk about throwing money out the window!  This customer was the inspiration for many jokes for a long time!


  1. I recently had a customer wanting to do the same thing. They were going attempt to charge their laptop with the easy transfer cable from their desktop. I insisted it wouldn't work, and pleaded with them not to buy it. They argued that their ipod charged and cell phone charged through usb. I told them yes those devices will, but not the laptop. They bought the easy transfer cable and went on their mary way.

  2. I swear our customers are completely retarded. I don't understand how the majority of them are making more money than us. Or how they even managed to be alive for being this dumb.