Sunday, May 29, 2011

Change For A $100?

Saturday afternoon, 1 PM. Customer wants to purchase a 8GB Flash Drive, on sale today for $13.00. Since the store is empty, I walk him to the register and offer to cash him out. He hands me a $100 bill, and I jokingly ask him if it is real. Corporate policy dictates I check to see if it's counterfeit, but I don't give a shit. He says its real, which is good enough for me. The till opens and all I see is one $20, two $10's, a few $5's and $1's in the drawer. I shout over to Mary, the other cashier, and ask if she has change for a $100. She says, "No, page Ken the manager and he can get some change from the office." I page Ken and wait 10 minutes until he shows up. I ask if he can get change for $100 from the office, and he says, "No cash on hand today, ask the customer if he can pay with a credit card instead." Pencils, with 25 BILLION dollars of revenue in 2010, doesn't have enough cash on hand to make change for a $100 bill. I'm thinking to myself, you've got to be shitting me, but instead I say, loud enough for Ken and the customer to hear, "What kind of half-assed company is this?" I want to tell the customer just to take the fuckin' flash drive and walk out the door, but instead I have to ask him if he can use his credit card instead. Fifteen minutes later, he takes his receipt and is gone. If he has any sense, it will be for good.

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