Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bad Check, Good Colon

Gentleman walks in last night and buys 2 laptops, but his check doesn't clear. He apologizes, then tells the manager Ken and myself he's an "herbalist" and would like to offer us free colon cleansings. I pass, but urge Ken to give it a try.


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  2. I never had the pleasure of working or shopping in Pencils, but I have indeed had the pleasure of working evenings at its Boca Raton based competitor, Cubicle Depot. My nights were also filled with meeting entrepreneurs of the "herbalist" nature. I remember one very distinct customer who came in several times. I thought she was keen on me but it turns out she only wanted me to marry her daughter so the family could become U.S. citizens. She offered me $10K. At the time, I was young and stupid and believed in the sacrement of love and therefore refused the request. Today, knowing what I know, I would do it for that free colon cleansing!