Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pencils' Business 101: Low Supply, High Demand

On any given day, we'll have a selection of 16 laptop computers for sale, half of which are actually in stock. The other half are temporarily out of stock, no longer available or "who the hell knows". From a consumer's point of view, if I walk into a store with the intention of buying a $600 computer and told the model I want isn't available, but can be ordered and shipped to me in a few days, I'm out the door. I could of stayed home and ordered from Amazon (free shipping, no tax), or within a few mile radius of our Pencils is a Worst Buy, FompUSA or Hellmart, all selling a comparable product at a competitive price. It doesn't take a genius to know if you want to sell something, have it in inventory. Drive past any car dealership and you get the idea. I'll bet if a corn farmer from Iowa walks into Coon Rapids Ford and wants a Coral Pink F-150 pickup with a Lilly Pulitzer trim interior,  a Bose 16 speaker surround sound system and wire wheel hubcaps, chances are they will have it on the lot. I guess I have to leave it to the geniuses in corporate to figure this out while they're wondering why the computer sales figures are so low.

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