Friday, April 29, 2011

The Bonus Check: Are You Shitting Me?

Yesterday we received our quarterly bonus checks. How the amount is calculated nobody knows for sure. Apparently it has something to do with meeting an overall sales quota score for the store, personal sales of technology products, a combined sales number of all Pencils associates divided by hours worked and how many bananas a monkey ate in one week at our local zoo. Instead of cashing this check, I'm going to frame it and hang it on my (bathroom) wall. Pete, my co-worker, plans to cash his check and buy a Coke. And get this... he'll have 7 cents left over!!!


  1. Can't even get a Chai at Starbucks!!!

  2. I got one for 11 cents once

  3. when i worked at Pencils, i had direct deposit set up. our "bonus" checks would come monthly and i always commented how it cost them more money to print the stupid pay stub than add an extra line denoting it on my normal stub. i think they do it on purpose to demoralize you...