Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The Pencils' district auditor was scheduled to stop by the store today and Donna, the manager on duty, wanted to make sure I knew where the "eye wash station" was in case I was asked. "In the bathroom?" I replied to her inquiry. "WRONG, it is next to the loading dock." I felt so damn stupid. I then asked Donna if the auditor would ask to see my concealed weapons permit. When it was all said and done, the auditor determined "somebody" had used the terminal computer at the tech desk last week to look at Craigslist for 3 whole minutes. I wonder who that could of been? The managers then told us they were penalized 15 points against the monthly store rating. The real problem is that the employees couldn't give a rat's ass about the monthly rating, the manager's score or the price of tea in China. More on this later, I have to go and check my Facebook page before I clock out for the day....


  1. The employees should use the internet on the showroom floor, plus I'm sure it's faster with all the new computers you have access to.

  2. Okay. This post made me laugh out loud. For you youngsters reading this, and I hope there are youngsters reading this for they could learn something from Mr. Eraser Head, I do know that I could have abbreviated "laugh out loud" as LOL or lol but why abbreviate? I didn't abbreviate my laugh so why should I abbreviate my appreciation? I ain't gonna do it.