Wednesday, July 6, 2011

By Reason of Insanity

By all outwardly appearances, the middle-aged woman standing at the tech bench seemed to be normal. I overheard her telling Matt, my manager, her hard drive had crashed and she was desperate to have her data recovered. This is where it gets strange... an hour later, she is still standing there, and I hear her say, "I'm not leaving this damned store until I know my data is recovered." Every few minutes when I come into earshot, I hear more of her ranting and raving, when this comes out of her mouth: "I know my God-damned brother screwed my computer up, and he is HIV positive, and I hope he dies." Now she has gone from annoying to making me sick to my stomach. She soon segues into an Iraq war/oil conspiracy theory dissertation when I can stand it no longer. I interrupt her and say, "You don't have to explain the war to Matt as he worked for Halliburton before coming to work for Pencils. He was also a hunting buddy of Dick Cheney's." For the first time since entering the store her mouth stopped flapping like a whippoorwill's ass. Matt looked at me somewhat puzzled, but thankful I got her to shut the fuck up.


  1. Do you actually run into every nutjob in PB County or what? I like your approach...give her a dose of her own medicine!!

  2. Please come work in our store.