Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Digital Detox

Welcome sign that hangs in the foyer of my house
My buddy Jon, aka Jonny Dread, is an addict... and he's not addicted to ganja, but to his cellphone. There is usually an extra place set at his dinner table... for his cellphone. I once called him and he answered his phone while he was sitting in a dentist's chair. Granted, I had trouble understanding him as his mouth was filled with cotton. I bring this up because last week while I was sitting on the crapper, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about "digital detox." A group of resorts have offered a discount to guests who surrender their laptops, iPhones, iPads, Crackberry's or anything else that digitally connects them to the real world... which got me to thinking.
My wife recently asked me if I was busy at Pencils with computer repairs. "Of course not, who wants to pay $200 for virus removal?" I responded. Anyway, she then commented, "Pencils needs to revamp their business plan if they want to stay in business." So now I'm brainstorming: Pencils needs to franchise Digital Detox Centers. There could be a million ways Pencils corporate could fuck it up, but I'm considering dropping this idea in the suggestion box. Who knows, I could get a $15 Gift Certificate to Applebee's.

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  1. Actually at some tests stores (like my own) they are currently remodeling to put in a cell phone area. It will be run by a third party, meaning that third party's employee's will be populating the cell phone kiosk in stores. I can't wait until they get asked about locating ink cartridges and directing customer's to the paper wall because they can't see the giant sign that says "Paper."