Friday, May 27, 2011

DUMB-ASS CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK: Who The Hell Still Uses A Floppy Disk?

Woman comes up to the tech desk, all in a panic. "I need a file from this CD put on to this floppy disk! It's an emergency!" My first reaction is: "Who the fuck still uses an floppy disk?" then, why would she think we would have a computer with a floppy drive. As I'm about to tell her to take a hike, Matt the manager steps in and says, "No problem." Well, I'm just about to crap my pants when I hear that, then Matt informs me the computer we use under the tech bench has a floppy drive in it. Pencils, the company at the cutting edge of technology, still uses a PC with a floppy drive. I guess that shouldn't surprise me. To make matters worse, the customer then explains to me that the embroidery machine she uses uses a floppy disk and she wasn't able to transfer a file because her CD drive was on the fritz and she has an important job that needs to get done tonight. I guess she couldn't tell from the expression on my face that I couldn't give a shit about her embroidery machine, her broken CD drive or her hemorrhoids.
Matt transfers her file from the CD to the floppy, then tells me to ring her out for  $10.00 at the register. I input the SKU Matt told me, and the receipt reads $10.60. The customer asks me what the 60 cents is for, and I tell her tax on the $10.00. She then starts screaming, "There is no tax on services!" She's one second from getting that stupid "EASY" button rammed down her throat when her husband steps in and hands me the sixty cents. When she's out the door, I say to Matt, "Ungrateful bitch... but she was right about the tax."

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