Monday, May 16, 2011

Get Up, Stand Up

A Jamaican fellow walks in with an HP Printer, plops it down on the tech desk, and says, "Mon, dis printer no work." I plugged it in and sure enough nothing happened. I looked at his receipt and he had only purchased it 3 days ago, so I was sure the manager would swap it out for a new one. The customer then told me he had previously bought another printer 2 weeks ago, and that one hadn't worked, so he brought that printer back and got the one sitting on my bench. "Two trips back and forth, and two printers that don't work, Mon... I should be compensated for my time and gas too." I now saw an opportunity, and egged him on to demand money from Pencils for his aggravation and expenses. "Damn right," I told him. "Bob Marley wouldn't have put up with this bullshit." When I left the store he was still arguing with Ken, no doubt telling him the Bumbaclot at the tech desk said he deserved something extra.

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