Friday, May 20, 2011


I had no idea how special this weekend was at Pencils until I walked into work today and saw all the associates wearing blue jeans. I immediately inquired about the about the new "wardrobe" and Mary, one of the assistant managers responded, "Mitch, this is Founder's Weekend! Tomorrow we have free subs for lunch and on Sunday you can wear any color shirt you please." Holy shit!!!!!! I haven't finished celebrating Mary Hart's retirement from Entertainment Tonight and now this!
If I had only been so insightful 25 years ago to realize America needed an "office stupidstore". Instead of working for something only a bit higher than minimum wage, I could be sitting on a pile of Pencils' stock worth several million dollars. Looking on the bright side, a customer blessed me today after I showed her where the ink cartridges for her printer were. According to the Rapture, if I wake up on Sunday, I'm in Hell. Actually, I'll be working the 9 to 3 shift, so hell won't be that far off.

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