Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pencils: Harassment in the Workplace?

When I showed up for the afternoon shift yesterday, the store manager Ken asked me if I would mind going to the training room and watch a forty minute video about harassment in the workplace. "What training room?" was my first question. "It's the small room off the break-room," he replied. OK, so now I knew what that shithole was. I then commented that 40 minutes seemed like overkill. Ken, who also seems to have a dry sense of humor, then said, "Just watching the video is harassment." He wasn't kidding. The graphics were worse than the Super Mario Brothers and the production values looked like a 1980's middle school project. I was able to waste over an hour on this training session and when I finally emerged from the spider hole it seemed everyone had forgotten I was there. I then noticed the check-out line was backed up so  I jumped on on Register 2 and rung out an attractive young lady who had that "sexy librarian" look about her. Back at the tech bench, my supervisor Matt, who I noted had glanced over at the customer earlier, quipped, "That was very interesting." I couldn't help to add, "And a nice rack too."

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